Intercultural Dimensions

Crossing Cultures Senegal, West Africa Program


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Past Participants

Participants have ranged in age from 17 to 72.  Participants have included people from Australia, Barbados, Canada, Finland, Japan, Ireland, and from different parts of the United States.  They have been college professors, elementary, high school and middle school teachers, a university librarian, a retired math teacher, a film editor, a social worker, a high school student, a waitress, an artist, a cryptographer, a government official, a playwright and poet, a pediatrician, a nurse, and a journalist.

They have been college students majoring in dance, religion, French, photography, women's issues, African literature, global medicine and  anthropology. They have been graduate students French, music, in child advocacy, journalism, anthropology, medicine, computer science, and literacy education.

Students have participated from the following universities: University of Arizona, Abo Akademi University, Boston University, Brandeis University, Brown University, Colby College, College of William and Mary, Connecticut College, Duke University, George Washington University, Hampshire College, Harvard University, Indiana University, Mount Holyoke College, Oberlin College, Scripps College, Simmons College, Stanford University, Syracuse University, the University of Chester, the University of Las Vegas, the University of Oregon, the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Utah, and Washington University.

Past Participants Now - Some past participants are currently engaged in:

    * exchanging cassettes of music and letters with a Senegalese high school teacher and his classes,

    * collecting French books to send to Senegalese high schools,

    * serving in the Peace Corps,

    * practicing naturopathic medicine,

    * and practicing medicine.